GArage doors

Garage Doors Openers Gold Coast

Automatic garage door openers are a convienent garage door motor accessory.

At Garage Doors And Motors we have a range of Garage door remotes
that are available in many shape and colours. On the Gold Coast most of the garage doors are operated by a garage door remotes and garage door automatic openers

We also have the latest security enhanced garage door openers that incorporate the new TrioCode security.

Below are some of the automatic garage door remotes that we are able to supply.

Model : PTXA4
Model : PTX4
Model : TX5
Model : PTX5
Model : PTXA4
Model : 062162
Model : 062170
Model : PTX4
Model : Tri Tran 4
Model : Tri Tran 4 (new)
Model : Tri Tran Mini
Model : TT Wall Button
Model :
Model :
Model : FMT 201/301
Model : FMT 201/301 (key)
Model : FMT 202/302
Model : FMT 204/304
Model : Gliderol
Model : TM305C
Model : N/A

The Magic Button 202DA/302DA - AZ023 is no longer available and has been replaced with the Elsema FMT 202DA/302DA

Model : 945
Model : 802
Model : M842

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